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About Us

Welcome to Rivers Edge Cavapoos where we strive to raise quality puppies and make lifelong companions for great people who care about their pets. 


We are a family of eight. My wife Carol, six children, and myself Willard. We live on a small five-acre plot in the quiet countryside of central Illinois. One of our first pets was a Boston Terrier 20 years ago but have since begun to raise Cavalier King Charles Spaniels and a few poodles in order to cross-breed the two so to have offspring of the Cavapoo designer breed. The Cavapoos are extremely cute and cuddly puppies. Even though the Cavaliers are our main focus we are striving to have all our adult pets OFA certified and clear of all genetic disorders. Some of these include heart, knees, and elbow testing. 

We as an entire family enjoy spending our days with our cute, bright-eyed, totally irresistible Cavalier puppies. They are extremely friendly by nature and love to play.  


We feel strongly that the start of raising happy healthy puppies starts with a diet and a high-quality dog feed. We feed Royal Canin which we feel is the best and have had great results. 


All of our puppies are visited by Graham Vet Clinic and receive a clean bill of health before going to their forever homes. We also keep all our puppies up to date on all vaccinations and de-wormer. All our puppies come with a health certificate and a complete shot record. Along with a 2-year Health Guarantee.


Feel free to contact Sara in order to schedule a visit to our home to see the puppies here at our home. We at Rivers Edge Cavapoos are always glad to see new exciting faces as they connect with their new lifelong friends!


May blessings pour down on you and your family. From all of us at Rivers Edge Cavapoos,

Willard, Carol, Matthew, Kevin, Lora, Jason, Regina, and Lawayne

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We are proud to have our adult dogs registered with the AKC when available and health tested by the OFA.

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