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Professional Puppy Training

Enroll your puppy into Darrel's Training Center for a beautiful start in a brand new home.
What To Expect In Your Puppy's Training

Week 1 - $500

Begin crate training, and begin introducing basic commands (ie. Sit, lay down, stay, name recognition).

Week 2 - $500

Continue crate training, Teach more commands (ie. Crate up, Stay, Leave it, Wait, Climb Stairs, Shake a Paw).

Week 3 - $400

Begin house training, continue solidifying commands.

Week 4 - $400

Continue house training, crate training, basic commands will be getting pretty solid. Begin teaching tricks (ie. Roll over, Ride tricycle, Wagon, Jump through hoop etc.)

Any Additional Weeks - $400 per week

Your puppy will be well-socialized and will get lots of teaching along with lots of play time! We intend to keep you posted with pictures and/or videos as the training of your puppy progresses.

*Disclaimer: This is what we expect to see on a normal basis. These are expectations only and cannot be guaranteed that every puppy will be exactly on schedule as your puppy's personality will determine this.

Who We Are!

Our names are Darrel and Maria Herschberger and we live in the country with our 6 children, dogs, cats, chickens, horses, and ponies in Central Illinois. We enjoy riding horses, camping, and any other outdoor activities you can think of.

I've spent years studying animal behaviors and have been training dogs, horses, and mules for many years. I believe in order to have a solid training program your puppy needs a proper foundation in order for it to succeed as a healthy adult! My training method involves positive reinforcement, body language, applying pressure, and releasing at the proper time. I use lots of real-life props (ie: trees, hills, logs, swing sets, etc.) in my training program (weather permitting) as I feel this creates an enjoyable learning experience for your puppy.

I look forward to working with you and your puppy!

Darrel Herschberger

Puppies In Training

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